Unconventional methods

in Roulette & Black Jack

Outside Bets - basic method of playing in roulette


Outside bets typically have smaller payouts with better odds at winning.

1 to 18 (Manque)
A bet on one of the first low eighteen numbers coming up.
19 to 36 (Passe)
A bet on one of the latter high eighteen numbers coming up.
Red or black (Rouge ou Noir)
A bet on which color the roulette wheel will show.
Even or odd (Pair ou Impair)
A bet on an even or odd nonzero number.
Choose one of the option or spin without any bet
After 4 spins we have the situation: 31,18,27,12 - 3 red, one black, 2 even & 2 odd
In my method I try to predict 1 repetitive option - the most probably - now let it be Odd ( we need more spins for better predictions)
Hit !
After 6 spins we had numbers: 25,1,33,31,18,27,12 - 2 red (latest) & 4 odd - play on 19-36 - Hit number 36!
The conclusion - to win the game we have to choose 1 option which may be reapeated and assume that they can enter two opposing options (or minimum one)  to the previous:
It was 25 - red,odd & 19-36(high) and came 36 - red,even & 19-36(high) 
Next spins:
Now We can analyze how came numbers:
12 - red, even, low (1-18)
27 - red, odd, high - 2 different options
18 - red , odd,low - 1 different option
31 - black, odd, high - 2 different options
33 - black, odd, high - no different options
1 -   red, odd, low - 2 different options
25 - red,odd,high - 1 different option
36 - red,even,high - 1 different option
30 - red, even,high - no different options
It looks like a formula which can be use in a game.
We concentrate on option where there is no different or it's only one element.
We have about 67% to 33% that we hit, it give us more chances then only 1 option with probably 50%/50% 
Of course sometimes came number 0 and the formula may be changed - we have to analyze and try to predict before every spin.
We play one selected option from 3  with simplest table of proggresion : 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256
This system is simple & effective but it is not a perpetual motion.
Roulette game is a dynamic game with constantly changeable data - which must still be re-analyzed
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