Unconventional methods

in Roulette & Black Jack

This is my basic system in Roulette - the best one and some variations of it.


At the beginning you have to divide the 36 numbers on the "nine fours"



2) 2,5,8,11   

3) 3,6,9,12

4) 13,16,19,22

5) 14,17,20,23

6) 15,18,21,24

7) 25,28,31,34

8) 26,29,32,35

9) 27,30,33,36


For the first 10-12 spins do not play this system - in online casinos can be placed at the beginning for example red / black, even / odd etc or let go of the first 12 "spins" empty (without any rate) recording the results of all time


After first "12 or more spins" can be a situation like below:




From "each of four" entered numbers ( one or more),except for two fours: 3,6,9,12 ( I picked to play) and 27,30,33,36

Always play "The Four" that have not yet been hit any number.



The progressive table game:



Simulation for the above table

for example: we start with the stake
4 (4 x 1 )


prize for hitting

profit is



After hit Four - 3,6,9,12 we use the next Four numbers which didn't come yet - 27,30,33,36 (in this example)



Until next hit :



If we used all "the four" we can try another variations of the game or take your winnings and end your game.



Variation 2


We play always the last four numbers  with the same progression table and stakes as above.


For example came numbers: 30,3,31,10,19,21,29 .... so we play numbers: 30,3,31,10


Now if the next number will be even 0 - we play 0,30,3,31 e.t.c.


Variation 3


Choose only one number - it could be always the last one (repeat number) or the one which didn't come yet.


We can use a progressive table to a basic system with replay each level 4 times - it gives us 80 !!! levels of progression


And if we start our game after 20 spins without the picked number (or without repeat a number) we have even 100 spins to complete progression.



The best Strategy in Roulette


It's only one positive strategy - a combination of all methods and changing after 5-10 spins a kind of your play.


For example:


Start play on "Outside bets" after 15-20 spins, play a Basic Variation then after 10 spins change on Variation 2, next after 1-3 spins play again "Outside bets".

Of course this type of strategy requires constant monitoring the cost of the game and selection the rate


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